Through this practical workshop, you will achieve 100% critical understanding of the values and principles of Scrum and apply them in real situations through exercises, techniques and specific tools. You will discover why such a simple framework like Scrum produces profound changes in teams and organizations.

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27 Cities
70+ Workshops
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Workshops Schedule & Program*

Welcome & Registration

There will be some time for you to arrive, grab a cup of coffee, do a little networking with your peers and find a suitable place.

IMPORTANT: We'll be starting on time at 9 am.

Workshop Introduction

The first 2 hours will be invested in understanding the unique and innovative learning method that you will be using through the entire experience.
Since this workshop follows an Adult Leaning Approach, this time will also include some team formation and learning agreements creation.

You will learn

What this workshop will look like
What you should expect
What your learning team expects from you

Agile & Scrum Fundamentals

From 11:00 am through 1:00 pm, you'll go through different kinds of exercises and group dynamics that will show you what it's like to be Agile. You'll experience the values and principles behind any Agile behaviour.
By the end of this timebox you'll have a clear understanding of what Agile and Scrum are, what would you expect in such environments and what are the typical misconceptions.

You will learn

Values and Principles behind an Agile Behaviour
What Scrum Is
Why Scrum Works
An Overview of all Scrum Roles, Elements and Events

Scrum Roles: Deep Dive

The rest of the day will be focused on understanding the different Scrum Roles and the dynamic inside the Scrum Team.

You will learn

The various roles in a Scrum Team: Scrum Master, Product Owner and Development Team
Responsibilities and expectations for each of the roles
Typical roles misunderstandings and pitfalls
Scrum roles interdependent dynamics
Traditional responsibilities mapping
Optional: Live Coaching Session

Incremental Development

One of the biggest mindset shifts from traditional product development to agile product development is the strategy used to build the product while continuously validate your assumptions. You'll participate in several dynamics aimed for you to understand this significant paradigm shift.

You will learn

Business Value and Impact Identification
Features Slicing
Product Backlog Prioritization

Agile Estimating & Planning

Another big mindset shift from a traditional approach to an Agile one is about estimating and planning. During this section of the workshop you'll practice both estimating and planning activities, carried on from an Agile standpoint.

You will learn

A whole new approach for project estimating and planning
Different estimation techniques
Contingency management in an Agile environment
Deliverables monitoring at both project level and sprint level

Scrum Events: Deep Dive

You'll take part in an innovative and unique group exercise that will show you the importance of a Scrum approach and the most critical details of the primary Scrum events

You will learn

All Scrum events and their goals
Outcomes of every event
Roles and responsibilities in every event
Typical tasks and dynamics of every event
Frequent problems of every event

Optional Topics & Open Questions

After these intensive two days, there will be many questions and specific open points you'd like to go through. This opportunity gives you a chance to get the most out of this certification course.

Welcome & Registration

There will be some time for you to arrive, grab a cup of coffee, do a little networking with your peers and find a suitable place.

IMPORTANT: We'll be starting on time at 9 am.

The Facilitator Role

For those Scrum Masters and Team Coaches that are interested in a deeper development of their facilitation skills, this workshop session will teach them what a facilitator is, what his behaviour is expected to be and the responsibilities he has in front of a self-organized team.

You will learn

What Facilitation is
What is expected from a Facilitator
A new approach to Self-Organized teams leadership

Facilitation Tools & Techniques

There are many facilitation tools and techniques that you can leverage for your Scrum events facilitation. You'll go through many of them and discuss the applicability they have in your environments.

You will learn

Facilitation tools and techniques for Scrum events organization
Facilitation tools and techniques for participation
Facilitation tools and techniques for collaboration
A proven decision-making process for self-organized teams

Advanced Facilitation of Scrum Events

Many Scrum Masters and Team Coaches know little or nothing about facilitation. The ones that get it can make a big difference in their Scrum practice. During this timeframe, you'll learn many advanced facilitation tools and techniques that you'll be able to use right away.

You will learn

Advanced facilitation of new agile projects inception
Advanced facilitation of Sprint planning meetings
Advanced facilitation of Sprint review meetings
Advanced facilitation of team retrospective meetings

(*) All times and durations are estimated and might change at the sole discretion of the trainer.


Martin Alaimo

Enterprise Agility Coach & Trainer at Kleer

I enjoy co-creating more aware and amazing human environments, with all my friends and masters at Kleer

I am a Professional, Organizational and Executive Coach.
I grew as a professional in the technology industry; I had the opportunity to be part of small, medium and multinational organizations with more than 200,000 employees.
In 2009, I founded Kleer, a company of which I am part today. Alongside professionals who I admire, every day, we take forward our organization to promote and assist other organizations in the co-creation of more aware and amazing human environments.
Coach | Facilitator | Trainer | Speaker | Author | Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) | Certified Scrum Trainer (CST)

A great Scrum Master do not only knows about Scrum, but also has strong facilitation skills.

Join our #PowerfulScrum Platinum workshop and get both the CSM and the so needed Agile Facilitation Skills!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, both Gold (CSM) and Platinum (CSM+ATF) workshops include the certification exam at the Scrum Alliance. The Silver (ATF) option does not include the certification exam at the Scrum Alliance.
For both Gold and Platinum options, you should also be present at least 85% of the workshop time to gain access to the certification exam.
Yes. You should take the Certified ScrumMaster online exam at the Scrum Alliance website after completing the Certified ScrumMaster Workshop. Your trainer will let you know all the details during the workshop.
Out average pass rate, after four years and 1400+ students, for the CSM exam is 97% strict pass (pass at the first attempt) and 100% pass (pass within the first two attempts).
Yes. For the Certified ScrumMaster workshop, you get 15 PDUs for the PMI and 16 SEUs for the Scrum Alliance.
You will receive a full refund (minus taxes incurred) if you cancel at least 15 calendar days before the first day of class.
If you cancel within 15 calendar days, a 30% cancelation fee will be charged, and you will receive the remaining 70% as a credit toward a class to be taken within one year from the date of the canceled class.
If you cancel within 2 business days from the start of a class, or if you do not attend the class, you will not be eligible for a refund or credit.
All cancelation requests must be made via email.